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Resolve with Kinesiology

Resolve with Kinesiology brings together two natural health modalities into one. As a Resolve Practitioner, Nilva brings the focus of trauma and its significance to people's problems, showing them how the events from their past which remain unresolved affect how they are today. It also uses Chinese Medicine theory and philosophy to explain the energy relationships to our problems. Added to this is Nilva's extensive background in Kinesiology which creates connections to physical, mental and emotional expression and how this is pushed into actual symptoms.

If you have ever said "I have tried everything and nothing has changed" then Resolve with Kinesiology may be the solution you have been looking for. By working with the neurology and beyond, this therapy gets into the reasons for the problems, connecting to what's unresolved and importantly what's preventing you from healing or changing. More than a talk therapy or find-it-fix-it approach, Resolve with Kinesiology helps people find themselves again by removing the limitations, the anchors, that are holding them back.


Desert Wind

Physical Problems

Resolve with Kinesiology can help with injuries that haven't healed, pain, digestive distress, reproductive issues, mobility problems, allergies and intolerances, insomnia, tiredness and fatigue, hormonal problems, and more. 

Emotional Problems

Resolve with Kinesiology can help with difficult relationships, separation and divorce, bullying, emotional eating, inability to forming stable relationships, unhappiness, anger and rage issues, and more. 

Mental Problems

Resolve with Kinesiology can help with anxiety, depression, obsessive thinking, poor self image, cloudy thinking, confidence issues, procrastination, analysis paralysis, overthinking, nightmares, and more.

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