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Resolve with Kinesiology is about helping people heal from their symptoms by looking at the reasons for them - the "why?".​
As we are all unique the reasons will be many and varied. The commonality lies in the response - fight and flight (stress). This response to trauma or unexpected experiences involves changes in physiology such as increases in breathing and heart-rate, shutdown of unnecessary systems such as digestion and reproduction, numbness of emotions, clouded thinking and more.

Sound familiar? You could be stuck in fight and flight. Why? Because its now hard to work out the significance of the event on your ability to express who you are. Who am I now that this has happened? If the subconscious can't resolve this then the threat remains and so then does fight and flight. Show do you change it?

Resolve with Kinesiology at Nilva's Clinic.

Sessions in Clinic

When you book an appointment with Nilva you open a door to possibility and opportunity to finally put the pieces together and resolve those problems, issues and symptoms that have seemed impossible to get past. Part of the therapy involves talking as well as understanding and awareness about why you haven't been able to resolve what you need to in order to move forward. As Resolve looks past unexpected shock and unresolved trauma and experiences, this involves more talking, thinking and relaxing, however as kinesiology is a tactile (touch) therapy some physical body workday be involved.

Sessions last up to 90 minutes and cost $200.00 per session.

Japanese House

  "Healing is a matter of time, but it is also
sometimes a matter of 

- Hippocrates


To help people understand where their symptoms come from, why they get stuck in them and how they can change them. To educate people on what unresolved trauma (stress) and the resulting lack of understanding around the significance of these experiences limits their ability to live and express who they are. To open people up to their potential to be more than they thought they could be.


To help all those who come to the clinic achieve the outcome they want in any aspect of their lives, whether it is overcoming health challenges, past hurts or relationship issues, or for those who want to find their life purpose and direction. Nilva is passionate about her work and helping people move forward toward being their true authentic self without limitations.

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